Kiziah's Puppies

This page is dedicated to our puppies. If we are expecting a litter of puppies you will find it here. Pictures of the parents and the date the little ones are expected. Before a puppy heads to their new home they receive all of their preliminary shots, are socialized with both other animals and people and have their tails cropped. All of our puppies are also crate trained prior to leaving.

New Litters:



Oona and Vipers
puppies have all found
new homes.

We will be taking a break from puppies to spend some time
with our 13 year old,
Luther Penn Dragon
(photo left).

oona stance viper stance

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oona pup 1 Oona pup 2 oona pup 3

The below babies are from previous litters & have all gone to new homes.

puppy trio puppy mug shot Ivy puppy sleeping
pup9 pup8 pup6
pup1 pup4 pup2 toula pup