Testiments to Kiziah Dobermans

gabe calleigh gabriel

I got Gabriel from Diana La Mesa about 3 years ago. I was looking for a dog that in some ways would help take the place of my Rotti that I had to put down because of cancer. What I got was a best friend, the most loyal mama's boy ever, and the most amazing personality that makes up my Doberman. His name is Gabriel Darien, but his nickname is "Guppy" and yes it fits him perfectly. I have seen alot of Dobi's over the years and none of them compare to Diana's dogs. They are beautiful, smart, loyal, strong, playful, and the list can go on and on. I have a jackrussel female that adores him and he adores her, well after mummy. Be forewarned they are big lap dogs though, which how can you fault them that right? I look forward to getting another Dobi puppy soon to add to my pack, and I will only get one from Diana. - Sarah, Brockton, MA

shelby shelby2

I am attaching a picture of Shelby's first night in new home. Shelby's temperament is UNBELIVEABLE Diana you picked us out the perfect Pup. She is so smart she's almost house broke in just three days but it so cold for her this week she just shakes outside, 20’s and two storms but she goes out. At only 8 weeks old we can only brag about all the things she's learned already. I will not brag and go on about all she has already learned. - Dominic & Eliz, Orange, MA


She is a little alligator. We just love her. She is constantly wanting to bite everything in site. Loraina Bite It seems to fit her so appropriately. We have been calling her Rain. She goes to the kennel with me everyday. And I took her to Gene England's training session last weekend. We all just love her personality. I see Rain's tail wiggle, just like Erik's does. She is a great puppy. Thank you.
- Tammy, Bowling Green, KY